Get a liquor license in Ontario- What Rates Does an Ontario Liquor Permit Cost?

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A liquor license is required in Ontario if you wish to sell liquor. The price of an alcohol license in Ontario is determined by several variables, such as the kind of license you require, where you’re located, the scope of your business, and the license’s term. All you require to know regarding the price get a liquor licence in Ontario will be covered in the following article. Comprehending Ontario’s Liquor permits.

Lets quickly review the several kinds of liquor licences that are accepted in Ontario without getting into the pricing. Liquor licences in Ontario are issued by the Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario (AGCO), which is the provincial regulatory body. The AGCO provides a variety of liquor permits, such as.

The manufacturer’s Permit 

The company’s in-store retail location Permission for Commercial Store Permit
Permission for Feeding on Particular Events.

You must choose the licencing that best suits your company’s needs from among these options, as each has a separate set of prices.

Liquor Licence Types 

The business’s activities will determine the kind of liquor permit you require. The maker’s Licence, for instance, is required if you produce alcohol. Companies sell their alcohol from their facilities with a Manufacturer’s in-person Retail Store Licence. Caterer permission permits a caterer to provide alcohol at events, whereas a liquor sales license permits you to offer for sale alcohol in a retail setting. At celebrations like marriages, events for fundraising, and charitable functions, liquor may be sold and served with a Specialised Occasion Permit (SOP).

The Procedure for Applications 

In Ontario, you have to submit your paperwork to the AGCO to be eligible for a liquor license. Since the filing procedure might be complicated, it is advised that you work with a consultant or attorney who is experienced with it. The request will be examined by the licensing division of AGCO when it is received to make sure your company satisfies the prerequisites to get a liquor licence in Ontario. This entails abiding by applicable alcohol laws and other rules. Restrictions and Rules of Law. 

It is crucial to remember that when you have a liquor license, you must abide by all rules and laws about the purchase and serving of alcoholic beverages. 

This includes abiding by the Free of Cigarettes Ontario Law and adhering to recommendations for properly providing liquor. The alcohol licence may be suspended or revoked in addition to penalties and fees for breaking these regulations and rules.

The cost of obtaining an alcohol permit in Ontario is contingent upon the kind of licence required and its validity period. A Unique Event Licence, on the other hand, costs between fifty dollars and 150 dollars each day, and a maker’s Permit might cost as much as 3,150 dollars for the initial time.


Eva Varela

Eva Varela